Doina Grama

Doina is all about creativity, not just in a decór  and design sense but in problem solving, always looking for the best results, and a willingness to go above and beyond to make her customers happy. Her professional style is friendly, honest and dynamic.

Doina is a certified interior decorator, member of the  Decorators & Designers  Association  of Canada (DDA), a Canadian  Certified Staging Professional and a member in good standing of the Greater Kitchener-Waterloo Chamber of Commerce.

"It is my belief that interior decoration is about your personality, is based on how you live, and what you love. My job is to bring it all together in a unique and functional way."

Doina Interiors - home decór & home staging

DOINA  graduated from Conestoga College in 2016  Media Design/Interior Decorating Program, she also graduated from Canadian Certified Staging Professionals in Toronto ON, Elite Staging Program,Residential Renovation Project Manager, Vacant Staging with Technical University Degree finish in Bucharest Romania and a lot of experience working in different environments with different peoples, and different personalities and backgrounds. DOINA has passion for design-décor; the school projects included consulting décor ideas for the real hair fashion salon, massage room, medical Clinique, business office. It gives unique ideas, technical drawing skills, concept ideas, organization skills, attention to details. DOINA has accredited and active Member of Decorators & Designers Association of Canada, Chamber of Commerce Kitchener ON, Real Estate Staging Association and Canadian Staging Professionals Association. She was working at East Forest Home (ACTIVA) building home company, in Design Studio as Design Associate.

At Doina Interiors we are about open communication with our clients. Working with Doina  you can expect an honest appraisal of the pros and cons of all the different options available to your design and/or décor projects. Every suggestion is carefully considered and take into account your budget and goals. As part of our process, you are included in the process in every stage of the décor / design process.

At Doina Interiors we believe that change should fit the customer’s style and personal goals. Décor should be lasting and remain stylish beyond trends, and even set the trend.

We focus on creating an interior that provide a beauty and value, balance, texture, color in your space.

Our goal is to exceed customers' expectations for every project.